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Walking in the Wild!

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Get up close and personal with the fascinating flora and flora of the African bush.

Superb guided walking safaris excursions are offered throughout South Africa’s comprehensive network of abundant National Parks and game reserves. Numerous options of walking safaris are available to choose from. The choices range from guided night walks, single day tours to multi-day walking trails.

The unique features of walking safari tours are what make this type of adventure highly popular with international visitors. On a walking safari through a game reserve or national park, you get to identify animal tracks, track game and bird watch while at the same time learning about the habitats and natural balance of nature. Of the multitude of animals to be spotted, the popular are lions, elephant herds, rhinos, giraffe, antelope, zebra, wild pigs, crocodiles, hippos and a diverse variety of birds.

Take advantage of experienced and expert field guides and their intimate knowledge of the area, indigenous vegetation, wildlife that can be observed and the accompanying history and legends that came before. Guides instruct visitors on the appropriate etiquette to observe whilst in the bush, and what to do upon sighting animals in the wild..

Perfect for the adventurous tourist, walking safaris bring you within feet of Africa’s great wildlife. Walking safaris can be complemented perfectly with game drives or even horseback riding safaris for comprehensive game viewing pleasure..

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