The Karoo is known as a dry deserted place. It may be dry (very dry) but here and there is an excellent hidden gem, not unlike the little town I would like to tell you more about. Willowmore might not look like much, as most things in the Karoo, but dare to explore it a little closer.

You will be surprised to know that hiking is also a key attraction in Willowmore. Aasvoëlberg looks over the entire Willowmore which is a lovely reward at the end of quite a steep hike. There is also a 4×4 trail. Keep in mind it is on a private farm so a small fee is payable. The Pierre Feirreire trail through the Karoo is also a nice trail to walk. It takes between 2 to 3 hours and it passes two Anglo-Boer war forts that were used to guard the Willowmore railway. As always with all hiking in Africa, take your sunscreen and hat and hydrate.

The Valley of the Baboons, also known as Baviaanskloof, is an absolutely breath-taking drive. Willowmore is the western gateway to this Unesco World Heritage Site and biodiversity hotspot. How far in you go is up to you, you can go up to 203km. It is a definite must!

Willowmore has two Graveyards, however creepy it might be, they are well worth visiting. The first one is Graveyard used for those passed away in the Boere War. It is a vital part of Willowmores history. The Graveyard is extremely old with some graves date back to 1800. The gunpowder room that was used to store gunpowder and ammunition is close by, definitely check that out whilst here.
The second one is the Jewish Graveyard. Willowmore used to have a thriving Jewish community in the 1960s. This is also an interesting Graveyard to visit.

Willowmore is a lovely, unique and entertaining little town. Don’t pass it.

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