Where to find South Africa’s classic deserts

As previously mentioned, South Africans love to eat. We also have a very sweet tooth and are very talented in satisfying this sweet tooth. These desert recipes have been perfected over the years and handed down from generation to generation. Here are some of the best deserts in South Africa and where to find them.

Malva Pudding

This is such a traditional Sunday desert in South Africa. Weather you enjoy it with custard or vanilla ice-cream, the hot sweet middle will without a doubt make your water mouth. The Capetonions have a special talent in preparing this dish to perfection and that is why I would suggest Aarya restaurant at monticasino in Johannesburg to enjoy the perfect Malva pudding. The serve: Cape malva pudding with butterscotch brandy sauce and vanilla ice cream for R50.


aarya restaurant


Milk Tart

This creamy tart is something we South Africans particularly enjoy accompanied by coffee or tea. It is just the right amount of sweet and with a hint of cinnamon it is definitely a South African favourite. It is also not easy to prepare perfectly but somehow Good Stuff Café hits it right on the spot. With friendly staff and exceptional milk tart, this café comes highly recommended.


This is once again a treat absolutely perfected by the Capetonions. This to die for Pastry sugary miracle is sold in supermarkets and bakeries all over. Grannies are absolute experts at producing them but Die Koffiehuis in Knysna are not very far behind. This also being a tea time snack, good coffee and tea are of high importance.



You are not likely to pass a market in the Karoo and not find these little gems. The Karoo tannies make a mean Hertzoggie. In case you were wondering what they are, allow me to explain. It`s a tiny cookie cup, filled with sweet jam and topped with some sort of meringue coconut cloud. Simply amazing. As mentioned, the Karoo tannies are experts at these and each is better than the other.


Happy Deserting!

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