What to wear when travelling in South Africa in the Winter – for the ladies

As previously mentioned when you are travelling to South Africa you will want to visit firstly the bush, secondly the Cape (Cape Town definitely) and thirdly possibly the wild Coast (or someplace similar). You will either be traveling in the winter months (June to August) or the summer months (December to March). The winter Months in South Africa is far from winter in Europe or some parts of America. Some parts of South Africa does become quite freezing (Sutherland is the town that reaches the lowest temperatures) yet a big part of the country can remain pleasant.

Bush:  In the winter the bush can be a dry place; this is also a lovely time for spotting animals. Just because it`s a slight bit colder, does not mean the sun is any less dangerous. As it goes in Africa you can always expect a scorching hot day somewhere, even in the middle of winter. Pack comfy strong shoes, shorts, enough long pants. Tights usually don`t work as they easily get caught on braches and thorns. A durable warm Jacket. The nights cool down quite a bit so have long sleeves and socks for a snug sleep.


Cape Town:  Think fall in Amsterdam. It`s cold but in Cape Town, once again, the sky is your limit. As long as you are comfortable and warm. Consider picking yourself up a pair of handmade boots in Long Street. These are stunning genuine leather hand-made boots, perfect for strolling the streets of Cape Town.

Cape Town

Wild Coast: The Wild Coast and that part of the country is cold and wet in Winter yet just as breathtakingly stunning. You are very unlikely to encounter any serious warm weather so I would say pack long sleeve pants comfortable for walking in, a water resistant jacket and warm things for underneath, durable comfortable walking shoes and a hat.

Keep in mind it is still Africa and the sun is still the sun no matter the temperature, apply sunscreen twice a day.  Happy packing!

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