What to wear when travelling in South Africa in the Summer – for the ladies

This one is for the ladies. Visiting a new country or new continent can be intimidating in terms of what to wear. We often need to rely on the opinion of other less informed people. Let me give you the full scoop on what to pack and what not to pack. When you are travelling to South Africa you will want to visit firstly the bush, secondly the Cape (Cape Town definitely) and thirdly possibly the wild Coast (or someplace similar). You will either be traveling in the winter months (June to August) or the summer months (December to March). Let`s start by focussing on the most popular time: the sunny summer.

Bush: When going to the bush in summer be aware that the sun can be your worst enemy. Any uncovered skin will fall victim to its deadly rays. South Africa has extremely effective sun screens. I would go for techniblock 60% which can be bought in most supermarkets and drug stores. Cover yourself twice a day. The days are hot so go for shorts and light T-shirts or vests. Covered, strong shoes as the African thorns show no mercy. The nights tend to also be hot but now and again it may cool down so maybe have a light jersey. Have a rain jacket as this is the rainy season and it can get wet at the back of a game viewing vehicle when it starts to rain.


Cape Town:  Cape Town is known for its unpredictable weather and crazy wind. Cape Town is also very hip and eclectic so honestly anything goes. I would recommend always having a jean handy and something against the cold wind. Cape Town also tends to deliver some lovely sunny days where a shirt and sandals or a summer dress is perfect for this city by the sea.

Cape Town


Wild Coast: When visiting a place like the wild coast (especially the more secluded part) it is important to remember that comfort is key. Everything around you is very basic and I assume you will be doing quite a bit of walking. The nights can get very cold and it tends to rain year round. Pack comfortable shorts and T-shirts. Shoes comfortable for walking in is a must. A rain jacket and warm pull over or sweater is also essential. Remember that anytime you visit Africa you must be very aware of the heat and the sun. A hat is essential. Happy packing!

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