Visit St. Lucia in South Africa

Tourists come from far and wide to experience the beautiful little town of St. Lucia. It is primarily popular for all its hippos. Yes, you read right, people come specifically to experience the hippos but this gem of a town has a lot more to offer. It is a UNESCO heritage site and you will soon see why.

Join a boat safari and travel up the St Lucia Estuary. Seeing the hippopotamus and all the creatures the estuary has to offer. Each family of hippos are unique and the guides can give you a detailed account of every one of these gigantic special creatures.

The waters of St. Lucia hold more than just hippos, there are also Crocodiles. St. Lucia has a crocodile centre with a whole bunch of different crocodiles and alligators. You can spend hours observing the crocs and their babies. The staff is super educated about their animals. Be sure to also stay to view the crocodiles being fed it is a scary but very interesting thing to see.

To gain a bit of insight into the ways in which the local Zulu people live, visit the Veyane Cultural Village. You will be given the unique opportunity to eat, speak and even dance just as the Zulu people do.

Of course you cannot visit St. Lucia without hitting the beach. St. Lucia has a very organised, clean and safe beach which is perfect for spending the day under the sun. The beach is so big it never seems to get crowded so it is a perfect spot to spend the day with your family.

Visit St. Lucia for the perfect combination of beach and bush!

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