Ukutula Lodge

When we think about the African bushveld, the so-called “King of the Jungle” comes to mind. Everything about the Lion is powerful and majestic.  It is one of the main reasons that so many tourist travel to the South African Bushveld and at Ukutula Lodge you can experience these amazing animals in a very unique way.

Globally all large mammal numbers have decrease at a shocking rate over the last 200 years (90 – 98%) – mainly due to direct and indirect destructive human actions! For this reason Ukutula Lodge have set up one of the best equipped Conservation Centres specializing in Genetic Mammal Research and Predator Conservation in the world. For any one interested in the spectacular work being done there this is a must visit.

Ukutula Lodge offers an exclusive bush walk with the lions. What makes this bush walk so unique is that you get to experience these animals in their natural environment. You get to closely observe their interactions with each other as well as their interactions with nature. The Lodge believes that we as humans are inseparably linked to all other living creatures on this planet. This is a large motivation in making this bush walk possible for all of their guests.

Ukutula Lodge is situated on a very large game farm therefor the wildlife in general is awesome to experience. They host very promising game drives with well-informed guides to answer all of your questions.

Ukutula Lodge can be visited as a day guest or over-night guest. The latter comes highly recommended. They offer beautifully decorated modern Chalets that sleep either 3, 4 or 6 guests. The lounge area is divine but what is even better is the large pool. There is nothing better than chilling under the African sun with the sound of wild birds in your ears next to a sky-blue pool.


Visit Ukutula Lodge to truly make you South African Experience a memorable one.

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