Trendy Restaurants in Johannesburg

There are a number of things South Africans do particularly well. Amongst these things are eating and cooking! We as South Africans have a undying hunger and consider satisfying this hunger a art. Here are a few restaurants in Johannesburg that will blow you away…

NexDor Soweto

Located on the famous Vukasi Street, this food and wine emporium offers everything South African. They serve excellent meals with great service and in absolute style might I say. This new restaurants has somehow kept improving and upgrading whilst still maintaining the traditional elements that set it apart from the other “fine dining” restaurants.

Schwabinger Stuben, Randburg

Fancy a perfectly cooked eisbein with a craft beer to match? This is your place. Casuel, comfy and value for money. This piece of Germany sure offers it all. The vibe is very homey with a wooden laid back interior. This is definitely one to try.

Coobs, Parkhurst

With its modern interior, great food and lively atmosphere, this restaurant represents everything that  Johannesburg is! Locals love this spot and it is easy to see why. They don’t do processed food and they do do fresh (super fresh). There meals are created from fresh produce from an organic farm in the Magaliesburg mountain range. They update their menu according to what’s in season and they never disappoints. Go see for yourself.

The Grind Coffee Company

If you love cones, chocolate covered cones, coffee this is the place for you. If you want a combination of the three, go there now! Yes you read correctly, coffee in a cone! What’s cooler than that?

Johannesburg is a ever evolving city and chances are by next month’s there will be new awesome restaurants to brag about but for now, start ticking these germs off your bucket list!


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