Tips for traveling in South African Cities

Africa is such an awesome continent to visit especially as it is so unique. For a traveller looking to broaden his or her horizons and see a place they have never seen before this is the perfect continent. Unfortunately there is a general atmosphere of wariness sometimes accompanied with the continent. Africa still experiences a lot of poverty as it is filled with third-world countries. Therefor it can be frightening for tourist as poverty and crime go hand in hand.


This is no reason not to visit South Africa. The majority of South Africans are very friendly and helpful. Here are a few tips to follow if you want to steer clear of any trouble or danger when traveling in one of South Africa’s major cities like Durban, Johannesburg or Cape Town.


  1. Getting around

Getting around the cities in South Africa is easy and safe if you do it the right way. Uber is a super safe option and quite affordable if your distances are short. Be sure to check your uber drivers number-plate and face and greet them by name to make sure they instantly react, just to be sure. This is only a precaution to take when using Uber all over the world as it is really a safe way to travel.

When renting a car be sure to always check if your doors are locked, as remote jamming happens from time to time and park inside payed parking areas.

Walking alone in the streets especially at dark is not recommended.


  1. Eating out

When dining, stick to TripAdvisor rated restaurants and do research or have your traveling agent pre-book it for you. In general South African cities have awesome restaurants and the local cuisine is delicious.


  1. Sightseeing

If you plan on using a tour guide, only use those pre-booked by your traveling agent. When at the sites be aware of your belongings. Keep your bags zipped up and do not have a lot of cash on display.


Never let fear keep you from experiencing the amazing things South African cities have to offer!

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