Tips for having a memorable holiday in South Africa

When traveling to South Africa you will almost always be amazed by the beauty and size of this stunning country. There are however, ways to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your holiday. Follow these tips to be sure of one very special holiday.

1. Pack Smart

The entire Africa is extremely hot and covered in mosquitoes so be sure to pack accordingly. Sun tan lotion should have a permanent place in your suitcase and should also be applied constantly. Same goes for insect repellent. Nights can also get quite chillier that expected. Do not neglect to pack in a view warm items.

2. Look Beyond the Kruger

Yes the Kruger Park is a must and one of the best places to view game. What should also definitely be taken into account are the lodges and accommodation options that are not in the Kruger but part of the Greater Kruger. This means there are no fence barriers between these farms and the Kruger Park, which means the same animals are free to roam here. You can often get more intimate experiences with the animals on these farms and it will definitely be worth your while.

3. Eat Local

Local South African cuisine is mouth-watering. Try as much as possible to stay away from chains and big restaurants even when fine dining. There are local small businesses serving amazing dishes who are struggling, rather support them than the big corporations. When on a road trip, stock up on snacks at the local farmers markets. When buying chips or bread, do remember the Gogos (old ladies) next to the road do sell those items and fresh produce.

  1. Don’t stop yourself from straying off the road.

Let your travels take you where it wants to. Instinct often produces the best memories. Don’t stick to a very strict schedule and go with the flow.

Happy Travels!

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