Three different types of Safaris

As most travellers are well aware, one of the top attractions to Africa is the Safari experience. People come from every continent and corner of the world to come experience the amazing wildlife the vast continent of Africa hold. There is more than one way to enquire this once in a lifetime experience. Let`s look at some more unique ways to experience and African Safari.

Safari from a hot air balloon

Imagine yourself waking up at the crack dawn, which is by the way the ideal time for game viewing, to board a hot air balloon that travels over the African plains. The air is cool and fresh and the view of the sun coming up from a hot air balloon is something spectacular. What adds to this amazing experience is the fact that air balloons can fly relatively low and therefor come close to the herds of animal. This is by far the best way to experience the Masai Mara/Serengeti wildebeest migration.


Walking Safaris

This is a very special way of experiencing a safari as you are not at all confined by any boundaries. You can see from Elephant to the tiniest ant. It`s an amazing way to feel one with nature and experience a safari on the animals terms. This also gives you a chance to learn about tracking and identify the different tracks of various animals. The best place to experience an amazing walking Safari is at Africa on Foot in the Timbavati located in Limpopo in South Africa.


Mobile Safaris

This is my favourite way of enjoying a safari as it is never ending. Mobile Safaris are luxury tented camps that move as you move from site to site. The settings include amazing mountain views. Some spots are set up on river beds other look out on dams. This is a very personal and exclusive way of traveling.

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