Tick the Okavango Delta off of you bucket list

Seeing and experiencing the Okavango River in Botwana is definitely a bucket list item for many a traveler. The essence of Afrika comes to life right before your eyes. It’s alive with the Eco system thriving in the air, on the land in the water.

Drosky Camp is 25 Kilometers away from the Namibian border and 4×4 is not necessary to get there. Situated in northern Botswana it is right on (and in some cases in) the river. They have very friendly and helpful staff. The accommodation is comfortable and modern with units are around and some even in the river. They support the local villagers by serving three delicious meals a day with fresh products brought from the village. It’s is also close to the World Heritage Site of Tsodilo Hills and Mahangu National Park.
Obviously fishing on the Okavango is a must. The Barber or catfish run differs each year but it is more or less in the months of September or October. Botswana is famous for it’s catfish. three spots brem is also a favorite to catch on the Okavango.

Whether you are fishing or just relaxing on the banks of the river, Bird life is definitely something to be on the lookout for. Multiple Fish Eagles breeding pairs can be spotted which is breaking to say say the least.

The futility of the area attracts a wide variety of animal life. Elephants can be bathing and playing in the rivers. Crocodiles lurking, on the lookout for their next prey.

The area also deliver unbelievable sunsets. The Okavango is Africa’s best sundowner spot hands down.

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