The Windy City – Part 2

If you love Cape Town (which obviously everyone does) you will love Port Elizabeth. Why? Culture, culture, culture! All around the best of all of South Africa’s hundreds of different culture merge together to create a city jam-packed with beauty and innovation.

Ever walked into a place and instantly thought: “This place is worth flying over the country for” ? Well be prepared. The Friendly Stranger in Port Elizabeth is something out of a fairy tale. A mix of industrial, vintage, boho-cheek. It sounds like too much but somehow it just all works beautifully together. The walls are draped with stunning paintings from local artists.


The furniture is antique and priceless. Plants pop out of all corners of the restaurant and if you go down the stairs you feel like you`ve stepped right into an underground Irish pub. The staff is amazingly friendly but what’s even more amazing is the menu. All bread on this exciting, trendy, healthy menu is freshly made by a French couple who has clearly not been doing it since yesterday. It literally melts in your mouth. They are also expert coffee brewers and will leave you in absolute awe of their famous cappuccino. This is the type of place you can spend hours in and never get bored. Definitely a PE favourite.


Another place that was unforgettable in PE was the penguin sanctuary. I say unforgettable for two reasons. The first was obviously the super adorable penguins. You can observe their behaviour and read about each reason they do what they do. See how they playfully interact with each other and appreciate their beautiful texture from nearby. The second reason is less fun but definitely relevant. The qualified and very informed staff will explain to the reason why each of the penguins cannot be in the wild. The reasons range from injuries due to boats to oil spills to abandonment. See first-hand how the penguin population is rapidly plummeting by the hands of selfish human beings and experience the amazing work these people are doing for these amazingly fluffy animals.

All in all I would say Port Elizabeth will definitely be worth the visit. Happy travels.

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