The Windy City – Part 1

Ah Port Elizabeth, true to it`s name expect wind but also sun and tons of fun!

First thing that needs to be mentioned is the sea-side coffee shops. On the road right up against the street you can find a string of coffee shops looking out on the ocean right at your feet. You can enjoy watching whales play in the distance or watch the boats past whilst sipping on your favourite cappuccino.

In addition to attracting coffee lovers, it also attracts fitness freaks. There is a designated paved road along the beach for joggers and cyclists. This area is very kid and dog friendly so bring the whole family along. Mommies with strollers, serious cyclists and laid back joggers can be seen making their way along the coast line, breathing in the fresh air. There is also an out door gym along the road looking out on the ocean. I cannot imagine better motivation to get your workout in.


PE also has a lovely aquarium also on the road right up against the ocean but it is so much more than just that. They have huge sea turtles which you can observe from almost arms length. They also tell you the touching story of each Seal in the aquarium, how they have been saved from certain death and completely rehabilitated. The aquarium also has a museums that showcases a wide range of exhibits. You can learn about the wars that took place in South Africa. See life-like replicas of huge dinosaurs. Experience in detail how the San tribe lived and survived the brutal desert. The museums has a wide variety of age-old antiques that are all accompanied by a story of the sea. You can spend an entire day just going back in time.

Stay posted as this city has so much more to offer and I will be sharing some of it`s best-kept secrets.


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