The Top Tree Trendiest Restaurants in Pretoria

My absolute favourite thing about big cities is the awesome combination of restaurants and types of cuisine to choose from. As the competition is so fierce each place tries to serve more delicious food, have better service and be more original. The result: some very good restaurant picks. The restaurant scene is also constantly changing and evolving. At this point in time though there are three places in Pretoria that to me, definitely sticks out above the rest. Here are the top three trendiest restaurants in South Africa’s Capital City, Pretoria:

Tiger`s Milk

Tigers Milk is a very large Kitchen/Bar restaurant located in Lynnwood in Pretoria. It is in the Lynnwood Bridge centre and it is absolutely spectacular. From the moment you walk into the restaurant you will be blown away by the stunning décor. The vibe is industrial and earthy with a surprising attention to detail.


The food is amazing to say the least. They serve real deal wood oven pizza but anything else from the menu is awesome. The chicken livers come highly recommended. On weekend nights it turns into a busy yet spacious bar where live performances are often held.

IMG_1635 IMG_1634

Bra.i Africa`s Smokehouse

This new restaurant in Moreleta Park in Pretoria has based its cuisine on the traditional concept of the South African braai. The meat is amazing and the prices are the best you will get for really super quality food. The best family restaurant in Pretoria!


The best has been kept for last as there is truly no beating this magnificent restaurant. It only opens at 11 in the morning so it is not a breakfast restaurant. As the name implies you can choose from either a red meat or a fish meal. The speciality here is definitely sushi. They serve all the classic favourites but have also created some very interesting and delicious dishes of their own. The restaurant has tons of light and is decorated beautifully with a lot of natural element. A must visit when in the Capital City.

Support chefs and restaurant who aim to give their customers a unique and memorable dining experience like the businesses mentioned above. You will not be sorry!

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