The Perfect December at Paindane, Mozambique

For many a Mozambiquan Holiday is somewhat of a daunting thing. The country does have a daunting past and that could cause uncertainty at the very least. I am here to assure you there is nothing to fear. This war is in the past and there is nothing the Mozambiquans want to do more than improve their country and the conditions they live in and they are well aware that us tourist contributes greatly to this cause.

Throughout the country there is a general vibe of friendlies and the locals are very helpful. This is no different in Paindane, one of Mozambique’s best family beaches.

Let me start by correcting a widely spread rumour. The police and traffic officers in Mozambique do not harass tourist. They are simply there to enforce the rules just as any other official. They are also very friendly and always willing to help. (Some of them are not as easy to communicate with as they speak primarily Portuguese)

Paindane is located just before the city Inhambane, in the Inhambane district of Mozambique.


I would advise having a 4×4 vehicle when driving to Paindane. You can maybe get by with a 2×4 depending on the location of your accommodation and the experience of your driver. You definitely need 4×4 to get to the beach.

Paindane beach is beautiful and perfect for children and adults alike. High tide delivers sizable waves but the best time is low tide. A bay is created and surrounded by a beautiful reef. The water is crystal clear and warm as only Mozambiquan waters can be. Small shallow pools are created where younger children can splash. The snorkelling on the reef is amazing and a large variety of marine life can be spotted.

Paindane rif

The water pulls back to reveal a rock from which a wide variety of sizeable fish can be caught. The spot is easy to fish for experienced fisherman and firs timers alike.

Spotted King Fish

If you are into other water sports such as kayaking or kite surfing this is an amazing spot for those activities. Boats and jet skis are also very popular on this beach.

Kayak Paindane

All in all a terrific holiday for the entire family.

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