The old biscuit mill and waterfront

Western Cape, Cape Town

The old biscuit mill is one of Cape Town best markets. The waterfront is one of Cape Towns most popular tourist attractions. Throw them together and what do you get? A super awesome day in the mother city.

At the old biscuit mill the vibe is alive! A live band plays and behind the market is the magnificent table mountain looking.

Everything sold at the old biscuit mill has a arty flair. The jewellery scene is huge! Beautiful unique pieces of jewellery created by truly gifted jewellers.

Vintage clothing is also big there. Also hand made clothing. Everything art!

The food is also worth mentioning. From sushi to indian and everything inbetween. Coctails and craft bear. Fresh fruit and veg. Enough awesome organic stuff to make you nuts!


The waterfront, although more touristy, also has it’s own charm. With amazing restaurants, filling the tummy is no struggle. It is also a great place to entertain the kids. They often have face-painting and there are plenty of fun play grounds. There is also a main stage where you can enjoy tons of shows and performances, FREE! It’s an ideal activity for a sunny day!

Combine the two so that neither one becomes too much and guarantee yourself a super day!

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