The four best secret beaches in South Africa

December in South Africa is hot, humid and exhausting to say the least. Due to the unbearable heat almost every South African flocks to the beach in the December holidays and this simple fact can cause some serious overcrowding. For those of us who still enjoy the sweet tranquil sound of waves crashing against the shore and not sitting on top of some stranger, there is a solution. Here are four beaches you don’t know about, but should.

1.Grotto Beach, Hermanus

Although Hermanus is quite well known, for some reason this beautiful stretch of beach right outside it is not. It stretches for 18 km and more often than not, not a soul can be found there. What a bonus. It is a beautiful swimming beach. Be sure to take along an umbrella for some protection against the brutal African sun as there is not a tree in sight.

grotto beach

2. Shelley Bay, Kenton-on-Sea

Sheltered from the world by two enormous rocks this beach is a perfect for a romantic picnic. It is so small that some refer to it as a tidal pool which to me personally just ads to the ambiance. It is also slightly covered from the ever present coastal wind.

shelly bay

3. Hluleka, Wild Coast

On the edge of the Hluleka Nature Reserve on the Wild Coast is a beach you will most definitely fall in love with. On the one side you have an abundance of sea life, reefs, sea plants and the stunning ocean, on the other side you have a forest buzzing with activity from the birds and monkeys. A truly unique beach which you will remember forever.


4. Mpande Beach, Transkei Eastern Cape

If you want secluded, you will struggle to find more secluded than this one. Nestled in the Transkei region of the eastern Cape this beach is not only breathtakingly beautiful it’s also buzzing with life on the land as well as in the sea. It is stunning, it is untouched and it will steal your heart.


Why not this December consider taking the road less travelled and choosing a beach away from the public but close to nature.

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