The Botswana camping experience -> Botswana to Namibia to Rigtersveld Part one

Africa is an extremely vast and diverse continent with the main attraction obviously being the wildlife. Humans and people live in peace together (sort of) and share this amazing piece of earth. To truly experience this you have to go where other dare not. There were the animal has the upper hand. There where you are unplug from society but plugged into nature. Take the road less travel. Take one of Africa`s best road trips.

Coming from South Africa into Botswana (crossing the border) is nothing to fear it is a quite efficient border post. The first thing to be said about Botswana is the roads are stunning, but filled with livestock so be on the lookout for animals wandering around aimlessly.

The Kalagadi Trans frontier Park is a once in a lifetime experience. This park is not only crawling with lions but all other wildlife. Some things to take in mind. When planning on camping you absolutely need to be fully equipped. From food to utensils and everything in-between. Civilization is very few and far between. The roads are long and deserted. Be prepared for any vehicle damage or medical emergency. Also know that ice is a luxury so stock up when you can.

Mabuasehebe Camp

Mabuasehebe is a game reserve within the Kgalagardi Trans frontier Park. This camp site is popular and small so it is crucial to book in advance. Some sites have running water and bathroom facilities others you have to make use of the nearest shrub so choose wisely. Focus when driving there as directions given are not the best and getting lost is easy. This camp is peaceful, secluded and very rich in wildlife.

Botswana holds relaxation, adventure and experience. Dare to go.

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