The Best Places in SA to Photograph

South Africa is jam packed with some of the most amazing and breath-taking sceneries in the world. This vast country has so much untouched beauty it is hardly possible to select our favourite parts. Some however are more photogenic than others. This one is for the photography travellers out there whose cameras have become an extra limb and lens and extra eye.

The wild Coast

The iconic South African wild coast is where amazing mountain ranges meet long stretches of beach and overgrown forests. There is very little yet around each corner something astonishing lies. Beautiful Nguni cows roam the beaches. Fearless goats travel along cliffs. Just when you think you are completely alone, you find a beautifully painted local hut housing a farmer or fisherman. Truly an enchanting place.

wild coast

The Bushveld

You cannot possibly leave South Africa without enjoying a real African safari. This country has a great deal of people who fought to keep our wildlife safe and keep SA as wild as possible. See the amazing eco systems and wildlife Africa has to offer.

Ps. they are absolutely gorgeous and act as the best models.

The Drakensberg Mountain Range

Stretching for kilometres at end this amazing mountain range sure is a sight to behold. At the peak of winter the mountain tops are covered in a beautiful white blanket of snow. This mountain range is mostly uninhabited and is home to some of the rarest plants and animals in Africa. Truly as gem.

The Orange River

This is the largest river in South Africa and stretches well into Namibia. Water in Africa is a big attraction and a river as mighty as this one attracts all kind of life. Birds coming for the fish, animals coming for the water and other animals coming for those animals.

oranje river

Happy shooting!

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