The beautiful African Island of Seychelles Part 2

You now know that the beautiful Seychelles is completely unique. Not an Island but a cluster of them, some so untouched, so beautifully kept you will not believe your eyes. Seychelles is a perfect holiday destination for families but also a very romantic place. It is not yet completely discovered by the world which creates a still charming feel on the Island, or shall I rather say Islands.

Here are a couple of activities you cannot leave the Seychelles without doing.

Glass bottom kayaking.

Maybe you’re not much of a swimmer, no matter; there are other ways to experience the amazing clear waters of the Seychelles. All around this tropical country you can find companies renting out glass bottom boats. Go kayaking and see right to the very bottom of the ocean.

Charter a boat to go see small Islands surrounding the main Island.

Seychelles is so much more than just the main Island. The small Island where no one lives, are the real gems. Natural and beautifully over grown these little Island will take your breath away. Charter a speed boat and spend the day exploring these little pieces of paradise.

Go deep sea fishing.

The Seychelles is known for its abundance of deep sea fish. Unspoilt and crawling with life, these waters are worth tackling.

Get a massage.

As the Seychelles is an Island, and Island culture applies, they are especially good at anything concerning relaxation. Go get a massage at one of the many beach side spas. Nothing says “muscles relax!” like the tranquil sound of the crashing waves in the background.

Go snorkelling.

Small colourful fish are attracted to structure, in other words Islands. See fish you have never seen before whilst snorkelling in the Seychelles. Remember to wear a hat as the time could get lost in this Wonderland of marine life.

Visit the amazing untouched Seychelles for the holiday of a lifetime.

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