Take the Misty Mountain Roller Coaster Ride

There are a few things that are as exciting as taking a thrilling roller coaster ride to get your blood pumping. How about combining that experience with the cool mountain air on your face and the fresh smell of Mother Nature in the air? Hop on the Misty Mountain Roller Coaster for the ride of your life.

In the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa you can take a breath taking road trip on the ever popular Panorama Route. This route has so many amazing spots to stop. It is also jam packed with amazing lookout points. The Route runs through the beautiful mountains and valleys of the Mpumalanga Province and is somewhat of a hidden gem if you are visiting South Africa from a different country. It has a wide selection of activities and the focus today is on one of the most unique ones you can find, the Misty Mountain Roller Coaster ride. Misty Mountain Lodge can be located right outside of Sabie.

You will pass Graskop and Sabie on your way there and as a side note I can recommend having a pancake at Harries Pancake Parlour. They definitely serve the best pancakes in the province.

The Misty Mountain Roller Coaster is unlike any other. It stretches for 1.7 kilometers through the mountain and forest. The views are spectacular and the heights can sometimes get a bit scary. The ride is not for the faint hearted as the cart is open and it moves quite fast. You will whoosh by amazing wild flowers so coming in spring can make this experience particularly special. If you do decide to go in the winter do remember to dress warm, it gets super cold up here, even in the summer.


Afterwards have a coffee at their restaurant and enjoy the spectacular view to end off your day.

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