Take a Trip to Satara Camp in the Kruger National Park

Take a Trip to Satara Camp in the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is a major point of pride for South Africa. It is the largest National Park in South Africa and the seventh largest national park in Africa. The sheer size of it of it is what makes it so amazing. It gives you a glimpse of Africa before the humans moved in.

The Kruger is big and has various different camps to visit. Some of them only consist of the bare minimum and is situated on dirt roads with little to no traffic. Other camps are tented camps, which gives the guest the experience of camping in a practical and comfortable way. The camp I will be focused on is a big camp, one of the biggest!


Satara Camp is the one that will be enjoying our attention today. It is the third largest camp in the Kruger and is quite centrally located. It is also very close to the Orpen Gate. This is a stunning gate to enter into the Kruger as it was voted best entrance gate for multiple years now.


The roads to and around Satara are a very popular area due to the fact that lion, leopard and cheetah are often spotted here. There are so many dirt roads and look out points and watering holes around this area you will never run out of spots to go check for sightings.

This camp has multiple accommodation options, form chalets to a caravan park. It has a restaurant, convenient store and a pool, which comes in very handy on these scorching hot African days.

When visiting Satara you must at least have one meal in their restaurant. Here they serve delicious traditional African cuisine where every dish is a hit! The view from the restaurant is also spectacular and events can often be seen strolling by.

Visit Satara to experience South Africa in its wildest state.

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