Take a Road trip in Mauritius Part 1

To me the best way to explore a country is to hit it`s open roads. There is no better way to see how the people of the country live and interact with their environment. On a small Island like Mauritius however, the game changes completely. There are obviously a lot less roads as it is a very small Island. There is only one highway, the rest of the roads are quite narrow and the roads are relatively busy. In spite of all the obstacles it`s a must-do when in Mauritius and lots of fun.

When planning a road trip in Mauritius you have two options. Obviously depending on where you stay one direction might be closer than the other but the bottom line is you can through the Island and back in a day.

Your first option is to go north. If taking this option you will visit Grand Baie. Grand Baie is a baie lined with beautiful boats. The beach is very nice and it has quite a selection of awesome restaurants. I would highly recommend the Beach house. They have an amazing view and awesome food to match. There is a main street than runs along the beach at Grand Baie and you can easily explore this street by foot and check everything out.


On your way to Grand Baie you will pass the Botanical Gardens of Mauritius which is located in Pamplemousse. This is definitely a stop you must make. As sugarcane is the main export of the Island it has supplied financial stability to a great deal of Mauritians. It unfortunately has also been planted all over the Island and the natural forests were removed. In the botanical gardens you can see what use to grow in Mauritius naturally. It is quite spectacular.

Happy roadtripping!

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