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Letaba Rest Camp – Kruger National Park

Game viewing throughout the entire South Africa is pretty amazing. The wildlife that can be seen in its natural habitat is spectacular, but nowhere is it quite as spectacular as in the Kruger National Park. The absolute most amazing sightings can be seen right in South Africa’s largest National Park, the mighty Kruger. The sheer size of this park means that you can experience a number of different landscapes all in one park. Different landscapes make for different habitats which make for a whole new range of species that can be spotted.

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NOW is the best time of the year to visit the Kruger National Park!

Visiting the Kruger National Park is a definite must when visiting the beautiful South Africa. It is a park we South Africans take great pride in as all possible efforts are made to keep it natural and clean. A lot of outside investment is needed to keep the park poacher free so in going there you are also making a contribution to a great cause.

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Three different types of Safaris

As most travellers are well aware, one of the top attractions to Africa is the Safari experience. People come from every continent and corner of the world to come experience the amazing wildlife the vast continent of Africa hold. There is more than one way to enquire this once in a lifetime experience. Let`s look at some more unique ways to experience and African Safari.

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The first rains of the season in Kruger National Park

It is the 23rd of October and here in the Klaserie Private nature reserve at Africa on Foot we have received our first rains. Rain is always welcome in the Kruger after a long dry winter! The bush springs to life with colorful plants and flowers, the wildlife also springs to life and many mammals, birds and reptiles become active and start to bare young! Read more…

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Best sundowner spots in the Greater Kruger Park (part 2)

In the second part of this two part blog series, we take a look at some more spots to enjoy a sundowner in the Greater Kruger Park. Read more…

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Best sundowner spots in the Greater Kruger Park (part 1)

What captures a true African Safari better than the image of a beautiful sunset, great company, good food and – of course – a local South African beer or a tall gin and tonic in hand?

We’ve put together our top spots in the Greater Kruger Park for enjoying a sundowner in this two part blog series. Read more…

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