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Tips for traveling in South African Cities

Africa is such an awesome continent to visit especially as it is so unique. For a traveller looking to broaden his or her horizons and see a place they have never seen before this is the perfect continent. Unfortunately there is a general atmosphere of wariness sometimes accompanied with the continent. Africa still experiences a lot of poverty as it is filled with third-world countries. Therefor it can be frightening for tourist as poverty and crime go hand in hand.

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Cool and Unusuel Things to do in South Africa

As travellers we are often most rewarded by the sights and places that don`t always appear on the brochures. South Africa is such a diverse and intricate country you need to look beyond the typical touristy places to truly see into the heart of the country.

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Observatory – Cape Town

This is a article dedicated to all those art junkies. Cape Town has an area for you to get lost in. Art is more than just a painting up against the wall. It’s everywhere and in Observatory in Cape Town, you do not have to look very hard.

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Glamping Amongst Wildflowers

Cape Town and in actual fact the entire South Africa have currently got so much to be thankful for. The Cape has been blessed with its desperately needed rain and there is light at the end of this scary tunnel called drought. In the spirit of rain and because it’s the end of July and we can start looking forward to spring, let’s go on a flower filled adventure.

Each year when spring hits, the Cape delivers proof of the winter rains in the form of flowers, hundreds of beautiful; colourful flowers. There are many ways to experience this gorgeous phenomenon and people come from all over the country, continent and globe to see this botanical masterpiece.

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Go Sandboarding in Cape Town

Attention all thrill seekers, here`s one thing I bet you haven’t heard off. If you like adrenaline, speed and heights you cannot visit Cape Town without going sandboarding. The Cape is a sandy place and a windy place. This means huge steep dunes! Sandboarding is for people off all ages as long as you are physically fairly fit. It`s really easy and tons of fun especially in the summer.

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The best places in the Western Cape to have a Picnic

As the Lowveld heads into July, the Month known for it`s cold, the Cape is slowly starting to have a couple of slightly warm days. This has everyone reminiscing about summer and what says summer better than a lovely picnic in Mother Nature. The Western Cape has some of the best picnic spots suitable for either a romantic couple’s picnic or a picnic with the entire family!

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South African Art – Part 2

South Africa has art popping out of every nook and cranny. The amazing natural environment is an artwork in itself and all South Africans, from children to streetwalkers, are artists.

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