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Observatory – Cape Town

This is a article dedicated to all those art junkies. Cape Town has an area for you to get lost in. Art is more than just a painting up against the wall. It’s everywhere and in Observatory in Cape Town, you do not have to look very hard.

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Chala Wote Festival – Accra, Ghana

Chala Wote is one of Africa`s most popular and most internationally known festival. What makes it so unique is the fact that it brings international and local artist together on the same platform in so many different genres. There is music, art, drama and of course amazing food, which to me is a sign of a really amazing festival. Let`s explore this vibey festival in-dept.

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South African Art – Part 2

South Africa has art popping out of every nook and cranny. The amazing natural environment is an artwork in itself and all South Africans, from children to streetwalkers, are artists.

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South African Art – Part 1

The South African Art scene is one that holds extreme excitement and innovation. South Africans have always proved to be competitive in the overseas market with our beautifully vibrant art. We also have had no lack of inspiration as all the history and beauty around us sparks life into the art. Experience the art first hand.  

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The Windy City – Part 2

If you love Cape Town (which obviously everyone does) you will love Port Elizabeth. Why? Culture, culture, culture! All around the best of all of South Africa’s hundreds of different culture merge together to create a city jam-packed with beauty and innovation.

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