Stellenbosch – Western Cape, Part 1

When travelling to a new destination the best perspectives to have are those of the locals. Come and have a look at what lies beyond the obvious. These tried and tested locations will definitely not disappoint. Stellenbosch is a vibrant little Student town that has so much to offer in terms of accommodation, cafes, nightlife, festivals and of course exquisite wine!

When going to Stellenbosch the first thing you are going to want to do is get some wine in your system and the best way to do this is with Vine Hoppers. They are a super cool company that offers you the opportunity to experience all of the surrounding wine farms on a hop on hop off basis. This is an awesome way to see most of the wine farms and stay as long as you like at those which are you favourite. They offer a northern, southern and eastern route so it is up to you which cluster of farms you would like to see.

There is nothing like starting your morning with a coffee and cake (because you are on holiday). Stellenbosch has got you sorted. Here is a selection of Cafes:



Birdcage is a stunning cosy little Café in Stellenbosch. Every day they boast with brand new cupcakes and cakes. The cheesecake especially comes highly recommended. If you’re not in the moods for sugar, they also offer a lovely breakfast menu.

The Blue Crane and the Butterfly


The people you can find around this coffee shop are just about as interesting as the name. This coffee shop really has its priorities straight as its main focus is coffee. It has the look and feel of a café straight out of Amsterdam.  It is voted to have the best coffee in Stellenbosch so all you can do is go and decide for yourself if the people are right.


Stay tuned for the next blog as we explore some of the awesome restaurants, accommodation and nightlife Stellenbosch has to offer!

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