Stardust – Cape Town

Music is transportation. It’s the ability to create out of mere vocal cords emotions and strengths that we all don’t always understand. Music is art and at Stardust in Cape Town they offer you the unique experience of actually dining within these beautiful art pieces.

Stardust is a restaurant located in Woodstock in Cape Town. Some background on Woodstock: it is the former District 6. This was a very violent area as the people here were those that were oppressed in the Apartheids era.

Stardust is not like any other restaurant you have ever attended in your life. Stardust is theatrical restaurant. This basically means that it is a combination of a restaurant and a theatre. From the moment you enter the doors of Stardust you are immediately transported into a musical.

The waiters are all performers, and not just any performers, word class performers. Throughout the night each waiters has his or her turn to dazzle the audience with their performance and dazzle they do.

The music is amazing. Expect anything from Frank Sinatra to Eminem to Taylor Swift. Each waiter has his or her unique style and gift to share with the audience. The comfort in which they switch from juggling 10 tequila shots on a dish to belting out unreachable notes is astounding to say the least. These people will take your breath away whilst leaving you wanting more.

Not only are these waiters extremely talented performers they also deliver amazing service. You are very unlikely to wait more than a couple of minutes for your drinks and service is always with a smile! The food is also well worth mentioning. The restaurant works on a pre-book basis. They serve a three coarse meal. You can choose either the R230 options or the R500 options. Both are magnificent.

Visit Stardust to be blown away by an amazing experience…

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