Spend your winter Break under the Stars in Sutherland

The time has officially come to plan your winter holiday in South Africa and we know just the spot. In the winter the air is crisp and clear. This means your experience of all views, be it in the sky or on the land, is so much clearer. In a very isolated little town, deep in the Karoo, you can have this awesome clear viewing experience with the stars!

Because of Sutherland`s isolation, hundreds of star gazer from all over the world come here to experience the constellations in with complete clarity. It is therefore a must to visit the SA Astronomical Observatory.

Sutherland is more than just stars though. There is a whole variety of experiences to be had in Sutherland. The best thing of all to experience is the isolation and the peace and quiet.

If the peace and quiet gets boring for you there is a very adventurous 4×4 route called the Skurweberg Trail. This scenic trail gives you the chance to see the beauty and nature of Sutherland in an adventurous way.

If you are interested in history, Sutherland holds a rich one. The Sutherland Graveyards are the final resting place of many of the Anglo Boer War victims. A number of war graves, some of them unmarked are scattered in farms across the district. A Jewish graveyard is the resting place of some of Sutherlands business owners. Sutherland also has a number of museums and memorials to study up the history of this special little town. There is also an old church, the NG Church in the middle of the town that is a beautiful building and worth checking out.

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