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If you have done research about South Africa’s political history, the name “Soweto” is bound to have come up from time to time. This was the very heart of the apartheid struggle. A lot of people lost their lives here but a lot also found their voices. If you are into history or even want to get a general background on how it was, you have to visit this city.


Soweto lies just outside the city’s borders and is brimming with sights, sounds, flavours and rhythms. How about exploring all of this excitement by bike? Cycling in Soweto can give you just that experience. These cycling tours are available for visitors every day between 08h30 and 18h00, and are conducted in the bus parking lot behind the famous Hector Pieterson Museum in Orlando West by a company called Cycle in Soweto. Go see Nelson Mandela`s home, a taxi rank and a hospital.

Cycle Soweto

Music is an enormous part of South African culture and development. Soweto is no exception. This 60 seat Jazz Maniacs Restaurant takes its name after the famous Jazz Maniacs group that was well-known in the 50’s. Today local jazz artists convene at this elegantly decorated venue, and entertain diners with jazz of yesteryear as well contemporary musical sounds. Even in the days of significant struggle and loss, Jazz sounded through the streets of Soweto, resonating the sound of the African Spirit.


The death toll amongst the young students in the apartheid uprising was reported to be a lot and ended up being more than double than was reported. The Hector Pieterson Museum is a museum next to the spot where Hector Pieterson, the very first adolescent life this uprising would take, was killed. This museum was built in memory of his life and every other child’s life that died.


Soweto is unique as it holds so much South African culture and history in one city. It`s a must visit!

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