South African Art – Part 2

South Africa has art popping out of every nook and cranny. The amazing natural environment is an artwork in itself and all South Africans, from children to streetwalkers, are artists.

Let’s get a clear look at what you can expect, regarding street art, from our major Cities in SA.


The tropical, coastal theme of Durban street art is very clear. Although there are meaningful pieces it is less political and speaks more of pride, joy and fun.

Durban 1 Durban 2 Durban 3

Cape Town

Cape Town, being a very liberal and opinionated city (in general) depicts exactly those views. The walls tell a story of the Capetonion view of the world and it is important but also breathtakingly good!

Cape Town 1 Cape Town 2


The street art in Johannesburg is less organised and less contained. It’s all over and the theme is whatever with a strong light being shone on Zulu culture and heroes.

Johannesburg 1 Johannesburg 2 Johannesburg 3

South Africa is a country with a rough past. With this past comes liberation. With liberation come opinions. Some of these opinions are controversial and some of these controversial opinions belong to artists.

Brett Murray is the artist of “The Spear” that depicted South African president Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed. This painting became a household name as the ruling party expressed intentions to sue the artist. Before such steps could be taken the painting was unfortunately defiled. It is a pity as it took real… guts… to paint something that is so in the face of believably dangerous man.

Brett Murray.

Lady Skollie’s work tackles the complexities of sexuality, and her use of traditional and social media to get her message across has catapulted her into the spotlight on several occasions. She addresses real life problems and real life situation and her voice is a very important one in our Modern Society. Lust Politics, Lady Skollie’s first solo exhibition in the UK, is at Tyburn Gallery, in central London, until the 4th of March.

Lady Skollie

There is so much more that can be said about South African art. It is a well that appears endless once you’ve started looking down it. If art is one of your passions plan a trip and experience Africa’s art first hand through Century Safaris. You cannot be disappointed.

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