South African Art – Part 1

The South African Art scene is one that holds extreme excitement and innovation. South Africans have always proved to be competitive in the overseas market with our beautifully vibrant art. We also have had no lack of inspiration as all the history and beauty around us sparks life into the art. Experience the art first hand.  


The gallery opened in 2003, and has spaces in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Stevenson participates in Frieze New York, Art Basel, Frieze London, Paris Photo and Art Basel Miami Beach. It`s a more formal view into what you can expect of South African contemporary artist and what a view it is.

District Six

By now South Africans are all aware of the sad story of relocation and inequality that haunt the past of District Six. These eager Capetonions decided that is not the only story they want to tell. They want to tell a story of hop, joy, expression but particularly talent! They turned the place from drab to fab and it is now one of Cape Town’s most popular tourist attractions. What an amazing victory of the human spirit.




The Showroom Art Gallery in Pretoria aims to make art accessible to all. The atmosphere in the gallery is very laid back and everything inside of it is naturally stunning. They showcase big names and new exhibitions each month.

anton smit

This one is quite special. It attracts a international audience. This gallery covers 3 acres of outdoor land where unthinkably talented artists erected some of the most beautiful sculptures you have seen. There is also an awesome coffee shop you can sit down and have a coffee if you need a break from exploring these amazing grounds.

This is fortunately only dipping a toe into the art talent of SA. Stay tuned for more.


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