Sodwana Bay – a true sanctuary

In Kwazulu-Natal there’s a place surrounded by jungle. Where the Somango Monkeys hang around in the tree tops. Where the banded mongooses scurry around down below. Where the deep dark ocean is part of a new spectacular world. A place where you can be nothing but content. A place called Sodwana Bay.

Althought the jungle is a paradise of it’s own, what really makes people fall inlove is what lies beyond the land.

Sodwana is situated in the Maputaland Marine Reserve. It is classified as one of the top diving sites in the world. With 95 species of soft and hard coral sponges and 1200 species of fish it’s no wonder this 50 km reef attracts more than 53000 scuba divers a year. These waters are swirming with game fish like Sailfish and Marlin. There is also an abundance of whales with small calves. From a boat or from the water you can get within meters of these magnificent huge creatures.

Where there’s fish there is always likely to be deep sea fisherman. Sodwana has one of the most tight knit communities yet. Being on a boat in the deep sea and fighting with one of the oceans greatest is a inexplicable and unforgettable experience. These fish are not only awesome to wrestle with they are also super good and healthy. What better feeling is there than eating what you have caught yourself? The list of species getting caught here is endless. There are an abundance especially of Dorado, Barracuda, Yellowfin Tuna and many more. Sodwana plays host to popular fishing competitions such as the OET and Billfish fishing competition. Skippers and anglers come from all over the country to partake.

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Sodwana beach is a delight for the entire family. Kids can fish from the rocks where large success is frequently achieved. Record holding King Fish have been caught from the beach. There are also great  snorkeling and swimming spots and a shallow tidel pool for the youngsters.

Although the town part of Sodwana is small, it does not lack much. You can get all basic groceries from the general supply store, gas from the gas station past the entry to the beach  food everywhere else. Sodwana has great restaurants and the entire town promises a layed back celabratory vibe. The main “drinking-hole” of the locals is  Maak-‘n-jol and with a pool-bar and various pool and beer-pong tables it’s easy to understand why.

Sodwana Bay really has something for everyone. Come visit this South African Coastal gem.

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