Simon`s Town, Western Cape

Simon’s Town is without a doubt one of the Western Capes jewels. With white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water, it is easy to see why so many tourists adore this beautiful little coastal town. Come and explore all it has to offer.
Simon’s Town edges right up to Cape Town which makes it a perfect quite escape without having to let go of all the excitement of the city. You can still take part in all of the city excursions without having to stay right in the hustle and bustle of all of it.
aha Simon’s Towns Quayside hotel is perfect for a relaxing stay with a stunning view. The style of the hotel is modern and simplistic. The food is awesome and the main street is right by the hotel so it is very central.

If you feel more like having a relaxing get away where you are secluded you should definitely rent a Boulders Beach Villa. These villas are nothing but luxury and light. The villa is fully equipped with anything you might need. It has a very large kitchen, dining area and outside area. The rooms are extremely spacious and the house is created with a lot of wood and light to give it a very natural feel. There is also a stunning pool.

If seclusion is what you want, Outlands Place is also a very good option. It is a beautiful house on a hill right up next to the coast. This house is very special and with its rock detail and indoor fireplace, it has a very mid-evil feel to it.
When in Simon’s Town you have to visit the Simon’s Town museum. The town has such a rich, well-documented history and it is definitely worth it to go and have a look. The museum is small but very interesting!
Visit Simon’s Town to experience the coastline of the Western Cape in a special way.


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