Safe Places for Woman to Travel To

South Africa has recently celebrated Woman’s Day and in this country it means quite a bit. It is no secret that South Africa and the African continent in general is not the safest place in the world. This is very true especially for woman who endure violence and suffering each day. This day does not only celebrate African Woman but also the struggle they go through. As safety is such a big thing, this blog is dedicated to safe places for woman to travel alone to.

Travelling alone might be one of the most difficult and exhilarating things you will ever do. It is absolutely necessary though as there is no better way to really get to know yourself. Here is a list of places in Africa that will help you find you without being afraid.

South Africa

Slackpacking – The Oystercatcher Trail

This trail is named after a particularly noisy bird, easily recognisable by its black plumage, bright red legs and bill. Unfortunately it is threatened but its numbers are currently increasing due to conservation initiatives that protect their habitat, such as the Oystercatcher trail. Slackpacking is a whole new way of backpacking. It`s all the amazing nature and long walks but instead of eating nuts and fruit bars you`ll have a home cooked meal and glass of wine each night. This trail starts in Mossel Bay and is absolutely stunning.



Taking a guided slave tour

Slavery is a big part of Zanzibar’s history. A lot of women were sold as mere goods on Zanzibar and it is important to remember the struggle that has been conquered. This will be an emotional and educational tour but what it also does is reveal the beauty of Zanzibar.



Hot air Balloon over the Okavango Delta

There are no words to explain the Delta. It is one of Africa’s most visited sites as it is just absolutely breath-taking and even more so from high up in the sky. It is so spectacular that it actually puts all things into perspective.

Travel Africa and travel without fear and without boundaries ladies!

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