Rumi Lodge – Dullstroom

As winter in our part of South Africa comes to an end the excitement is quite high. Dreams of beautiful beaches and sunny poolside days are starting to become more of a reality. Some of us however are not so happy about the days getting hotter. Let us reminisce one final time about the pleasures of winter. Rumi Lodge in Dullstroom is one of the best self-catering places I`ve visited in Dullstroom and here is why… Rumi Lodge is a beautiful house situated just outside of Dullstroom on a game farm. The location is absolutely amazing as the game are all around. The entrance is beautiful and chances are you might spot a Zebra just as you enter the lodge. They boast with quite a wide variety of game including Black Wildebeest, Red hartebeest, zebra, Emu birds and many more. The house has a Rusell Hobbs coffee machine that makes and amazing Late. It also has an amazing spot to enjoy it, right outside are very comfortable couches overlooking the drinking dam where the animals hang around quite often. The house is gigantic with four bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a large outside area, a large dining table, two fireplaces, a large lounge and an extremely well-equipped kitchen with everything you will need to make amazing meals. The house also boasts with a wine fridge which is an absolute must as red wine and Dullstroom weather go hand in hand. This lodge is very popular amongst trout fisherman as the dam is jammed packed with sizable trout. It is right by the house so there is no need to travel to get your early morning fishing session in. When in town and looking for fresh bread or any home-made baked goods, visit the Rose Café. Their butter bread is without a doubt the best in town and the perfect addition to a home-cooked meal. Until next winter Dullstroom…

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