Rio dos Elephantes, Limpopo, South Africa

Escape to the heart of the bushveld to a place so tranquil, so peaceful, you will never want to leave. With the Kruger National Park Orpen Gate being just nearby and it being located in the greater Kruger, it is an ideal place for a tourist to explore Africa’s wild side at its most untouched.


Agnes, the owner of the camp will welcome you with open hearted warmth and hospitality and serve you with an extreme ease the most delicious food you have ever tasted in the most beautiful setting you have ever experienced. She serves meals on the deck of her home. Your roof is the treetops, your dining guest are the birds above you and animals below you and your music is the background sound of the water gently making its way down the magnificent Oliphants River.


Her accommodation will give you the feeling that you have found your very own home in the bush. Drenched in comfort and bush style it blends with nature perfectly. A select three of her rooms has a beautiful deck with two of maybe the most stunning Leadwood trees you have ever seen shooting up straight past the roof. The view of the river from this deck is gorgeous.


The camp offers a wide range of activities which should all be made use of, remember however to leave a few days in between to spend at the camp as you will regret it if you don`t. The camp is the perfect place to relax and some of the best sightings are seen from the camp itself. Image cooling down in the pool whilst watching the Elephants cross the river.


Rio dos Elephantes is the perfect African experience for either families’ couples or solo travellers. They offer the best rates and once in a lifetime experience of the bushveld.


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