Observatory – Cape Town

This is a article dedicated to all those art junkies. Cape Town has an area for you to get lost in. Art is more than just a painting up against the wall. It’s everywhere and in Observatory in Cape Town, you do not have to look very hard.

As we all know the Dutch landed in Cape Town very long ago and with that they created architecture and nature that is still the core of the city to this very day. The picturesque streets and buildings have drawn people to this city for many years. This in combination with the amazingly dynamic art scene in Cape Town. Observatory is one of my favorite places to get lost in in Cape Town. 


Observatory is so unique is the way that there is such a wide variety of people to be found there. From the rich to the poor roam these streets and the contrast is very evident.



The second hand shopping in Observatory is something people come from all over the country to be a part off. Talk about thrift store heaven! Weather it’s the perfect piece of furniture or the perfect vintage coat you are sure to find what you are looking for. The options are endless and each street delivers more hidden gems of stores you never knew existed. My favorite second hand store would be “NeverNew” . They have so many items to choose from you can easily loose some time in this one. 


One of Observatory’s many advantages is that it is the perfect place to get hungry in. No one likes shopping on an empty stomach and here you do not have to. In this part of town you can find anything. Mexican, Ethiopian, Chinese, Thai and so much more!


The best advice that can be given to someone venturing into Observatory is to turn off the google maps for a while. Go off grid and just explore the space. Allow yourself to walk into whichever street, coffeeshop or store attracts your attention. You will not be sorry!

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