NOW is the best time of the year to visit the Kruger National Park!

Visiting the Kruger National Park is a definite must when visiting the beautiful South Africa. It is a park we South Africans take great pride in as all possible efforts are made to keep it natural and clean. A lot of outside investment is needed to keep the park poacher free so in going there you are also making a contribution to a great cause.


At this time of the year the Kruger National Park might not be at its most beautiful. Almost all the leaves have left the trees and in its place came thin empty branches and a lot of dust.


This is not only the driest part of the year; it is the part of the year where game viewing is at its absolute best. You will be surprised to know just how well the animals (especially the cats) hide away in the thickets. With the loss of the leaves it is possible to see very deep into the bush and therefor spot animals easily and from quite a distance. The animals also love to hang around the water holes at this time of year so be sure to pull in if you see a sign indicating a water hole of dam.


The Kruger National Park is such a unique and accommodating location to visit in South Africa as it truly caters to such a wide variety of needs. If you feel like camping in a secluded camp there are a few to choose from such as Tsendze Camp and Tamboti Camp Site. The Kruger also offers self-catering chalets if you are not a happy camper. If you do want to camp but don`t have the gear, the Kruger National Park has tented Camps where you can rent a tent that has everything you need inside.


Take the family to the Kruger National Park in these coming two months for the best sightings in South Africa’s wildest part!

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