More Cool and Unusual things to do in South Africa

There are so many interesting and out of the ordinary things to do in South Africa I just could not cram it all into one article. From nature to the city this list covers it all!

Spend the night on Table Mountain. In and on top of Table Mountain are tons of beautiful hiking trails that allow walking amongst all the fynbos and experiencing the stunning fauna and flora of the Cape. Amongst these hiking trails is one that is very special as it leads to house. This house gets rented out and taking this hiking trails means you have the unique experience of spending the night on Table Mountain amongst the beautiful fynbos.


If we are talking about unusual things to be done this should definitely be on the list. In a small town of Aberdeen in South Africa once lived a lady known as the Cat Lady. Her real name was Petronella Lynz and she and her daughter had an absolute passion for taking care of stray cats. They opened a gigantic cat orphanage in Aberdeen and in their honour was erected a very large cat statue. The statue stands in front of the Aberdeen Heritage Archive & Tourism Bureau and is protected by a metal cage from thieves.



Whale season is between July and November and this is a very busy time for the little town of Hermanus. The whales can be beautifully spotted from here. There is a way to come up close and personal with these amazing creatures, you can go kayaking with them. In Hermanus there is a company that offer kayaking trips amongst the whales with an experienced guide. This is an exhilarating experience and be warned, it is not for the faint hearted.

I hope you enjoyed this list and it motivates you to experience the absurd. Happy travels.

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