Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Your first time at the Mana Pools National Park will knock your socks off. Imagine the majestic Zambezi crawling with animals, birds and forestry. The nights are filled with exhilaration provided by the many predators haunting the night. Let’s check out this definite African bucket list item in a bit more detail.

The Mana Pools National Park offers a wide range of activities including:

Guided Walking: experience the animals as an equal, in their environment on their terms.

Unguided Walking: this is a special feature Mana Pools offers that most National Parks do not. You pay a daily fee and obtain a walking permit.

Lion Tracking: you are almost sure to see a lions whilst partaking in this activity. It is also very interesting as data is obtained through these activities relating to lions and their behavioural patterns.

Fishing: There is only one thing better than pulling out a gigantic fish  and providing everyone with a delicious meal and that is doing it on the Zambezi River with a spectacular view of elephants. An activity not to be missed.

Game Drives: night drives often deliver excellent sighting.

Canoeing: for those who cannot resist the water.

As you can see the list is extensive and impressive.

If camping is not your thing, do not fear. Mana Pools National Park has 5 lodges situated along the Zambezi. If camping is your thing it will depend to what degree you are willing to rough it. This main camp is busy but it has running and hot water and decent rest rooms. The other further camps are a bit more primitive and require more equipment. The quieter camps however give you the full experience and therefor come highly recommended. Mana Pools also offers private camps right along the Zambezi for those who prefer isolation.

Mana Pools National Park is without a doubt one of the best National Parks in South Africa and a must visit.

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