Luxury Locations in Mozambique

Africa is a very rough and raw continent. Mozambique being no exception. Things are rarely covered up and that is often what makes it so spectacular. The untouched element. Miles of white sandy beaches being caressed by sky blue waves. Imaging putting, in the middle of all of this wonderful rawness, a luxury oasis. No need to imagine as it has been done, and in absolute style I might add. Here are the top luxury destinations to stay at in Mozambique.

Coral Lodge

Found in the Nampula Province of Mozambique, this place will literally blow you away. Somehow they kept to natural and basic interior. They made use a lot of what was around them as what is around them is nothing but beach. Unplug and unwind? There is no better place.

coral lodge

Dugong Beach Lodge

Situated along the Southern Mozambique Coast, within 30 000 hectares of pristine marine and wildlife territory, in the Vilanculos Coastal & Wildlife Sanctuary. If the actual location is not impressive enough, you should see the Lodge. You will not know if you have to drink a cocktail, take a nap, lie and the beach eat prawns or get a massage first.

dugong beach

White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli

White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli is surrounded by natural beauty, from the Indian Ocean to the east to the Maputo Elephant Reserve to the west. It is nestled in a cool, sheltered bay on Mozambique’s Lagoon Coast about 100km south of the country’s stately capital city, Maputo, and 25km north of the Kosi Bay/South Africa border. This means it`s not too far up in Mozambique yet you feel like you are in a whole new world.

white Pearl

Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort

This one might just take the prize for best resort in Mozambique. What sets it aside is the location. This resort is located on the stunning Bazaruto Island. The way this place takes your breath away cannot be explained in world. It is luxury like nowhere else in arguably the most beautiful place in the world.


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