Letaba Rest Camp – Kruger National Park

Game viewing throughout the entire South Africa is pretty amazing. The wildlife that can be seen in its natural habitat is spectacular, but nowhere is it quite as spectacular as in the Kruger National Park. The absolute most amazing sightings can be seen right in South Africa’s largest National Park, the mighty Kruger. The sheer size of this park means that you can experience a number of different landscapes all in one park. Different landscapes make for different habitats which make for a whole new range of species that can be spotted.

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One of the most beautiful camps in the Kruger is the Letaba rest camp. This beautiful camp is filled with large green trees and lies on the bank of the Letaba River. This camp does not, like many of the other camps, lose all of its colour during the winter. It is because of the beautiful Letaba River that this camp is green year round. This also means that there are lots of animals around the camp.

Stopping by Letaba for a meal in their restaurant or a pick nick in their day visitor’s area is great, but spending the night there is even better. At night you can hear the hippos chatting away in the river and the lions roaring in the distance, come morning time you will be greeted by one of the camps many tame bushbuck. They roam around the camp where there is plenty of green grass and they are far away from predators.

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Around Letaba are a number of beautiful routes to take. When exiting the camp, the first dirt road to your left, the S46, can be followed. It later connects with the S94 to make a loop along the river. This is a beautiful road as it leads along the river where the lions, elephants and buffalo love to hangout. Another lovely route to drive is the S62. It is a dead end road with a lookout point, a heritage site and a bird hide on it. It leads to a beautiful dam where lots of hippos and birds can easily be spotted.

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Book a couple of nights in Letaba to be in one of the most peaceful parts of the world…

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