Kruger National Park – Orpen to Skekuza (and back)

Kruger National Park – Orpen to Skekuza (and back)
When in the area, the road to Skekuza from the Orpen Gate of the Kruger National Park is a lovely one indeed. You can either take the kids, the grandparents, the friends the partner or the whole lot!
Be at the Orpen gate at 7 in the morning as you have to be out again by six. On your way into the Kruger National Park I would advise you to purchase a map! The Kruger is perfectly represented in the maps that are for sale at the Orpen Gate. The staff are super friendly so grab a couple of supplies (keep the snacks light) for the road ahead.
On your way there take the tar road, as you are early the roads will not be to busy. Remember that early mornings are great for spotting game so be on the lookout you might even be so lucky as to see two or more of the big five in your first hour in the Park.
Follow the map past Tshokwaan. This is a great place to stop for a quick bathroom or coffee break. This camp gets really busy at lunch time but it should be very peaceful before 12.

Continue then to Sekunda’s famous Cattle Baron Grill & Bistro. The place is an absolute treat. Sit on a deck overlooking a tranquil river. From above in the Marula Tree you can hear the Green Doves sing and on the other side of the River the Kudu`s graze. Not only is the atmosphere magnificent but so is the food. These people know their meat and they serve it in style. Don`t leave without having something to drink. Nothing cools you off from the warm African sun like an Ice Cold glass of Champagne.
When returning, take the dirt road that exits onto the main road right before Orpen Gate. Sightseeing on dirt roads are often better in the afternoon as the animals are hiding in the thickets from the warm afternoon sun.
Pack water and have fun!

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