Knysna is one of South Africa’s most beautiful and diverse coastal towns. It is a favourite on the Garden Route and it is not difficult to see why. From crystal clear blue water to magnificent cliffs to lunch forests and everything in-between. Knysna is an amazing adventure.

Garden Route National Park
The Garden Route National Park that includes (amongst others) the Tsitsikama Nation Park and the Wilderness National Park.
The list of activities available in this park is endless. White water rafting and Zip-lining through the never ending forest. The Park is a combination of coast and forest and the best view is from above.
The Park covers an 80 km stretch of coastline and it is therefore very popular for hikers. The Famous Otter Trail guides through the Garden Route National park and is a 44km hike. Some regard it as the most beautiful hiking trail in the world.
There is also a Kringe in die Bos hiking trial that puts you in the shoes of the character, Saul Barnard, created by Dalleen Mathee in her famous novel “Kringe in die Bos”. It is amazing to know that large groups of elephants once roamed this dense forest and sad to know they are now gone by the hand of man.
Coney Glen Beach Knysna
One of my personal favourite beaches in Knysna. The most beautiful pebbles and stones could be picked up on this tranquil, peaceful beach. There is nothing better that listening to the sound of the water running over the pebbles with the sun on your ace.
When in knysna you have to take a Cruise on the lagoon. You can also not leave Knysna without having the rumoured Knysna Oysters. I would recommend 34 Degrees South, which is an awesome vibey restaurant at the Waterfront.
Enjoy Knysna and happy travels.

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