Kendwa and Nungwi Beach Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a tropical Island just off the coast of Tanzania. It is popular for its laid back atmosphere, turquoise waters and of course white sandy beaches. There are a number of popular beaches on Zanzibar, some busier than other. Today I chose to explore the beaches that aren’t over crowded and often over priced.

Kendwa and Nungwi beach are walking distance from one another. They might be close but please do not expect the same things from them as they each have their own charm and attraction.

Kendwa Beach


This is a bit of a hidden gem on the Island of Zanzibar. It is a stunning beach with not much happening, which adds to its charm. It is the perfect beach to visit if all you want to do is relax the day away and take laid back dips in the stunning turquoise waters. Come sunset you can always join in a friendly game of volleyball or football with a combination of tourist and locals on the beach. The awesome thing about this beach is that you never fight to have a secluded spot on the beach which is a huge attraction amongst many tourists.

Nungwi Beach


The cool thing about Nungwi (and Kendwa) is that it is located on the Northern tip of the Island which means it is not subject to tide changes. Your daily swims can be timed just as you prefer them. Unlike it’s sister beach, Nungwi is a bit more lively. It is known for it’s party scene, especially in season. The beach is lined with bars and clubs. Don’t expect an Ibiza of Santorini though, this is still Africa and the general Zanzibar rule of relaxation still applies.


Visit Zanzibar for the chilled out Island holiday you deserve, right off the African coast.

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