Island Holliday in Kenya

Kenya is really a country that screams diversity. The culture is so unique and diverse. The colours are so unique and diverse and the tourism has such options and different experiences. Today we will take an in-depth look at the Island of Lamu and all it has to offer.

Lamu Island has the typical Island atmosphere. You will not help but stroll the endless peaceful beach barefoot in the sun.

One of the favourite attractions on Lamu is the Lamu Old Town. The architecture here takes you back in time. Distinctive features of European, Arabic and Indian architecture can be noticed. There are endless narrow mazes of corridors that you can easily get lost in. The locals are known for their friendliness so ask for help if you do get seriously lost.

Lamu old Town

Siyu Fort is also a monument tourist find captivating. It takes you back in time and delivers the most beautiful views. Although it might be a bit difficult to get there as you do it by local boat, it is still definitely worth the hassle.

Siyu Fort

When going to Lamu you will actually be surprised to see the options of restaurants. There is quite a wide variety and the seafood made in all of them is super fresh and delicious. Here are two favourites:

Peponi Hotel Restaurant. Let`s be honest, the main attraction towards this restaurant is its awesome view of the ocean. It also helps that the seafood is mouth-watering and the service is very friendly. It comes highly recommended.

Mwana Arafa is where you go when of absolute peace and quiet. The atmosphere is relaxing and it does not tend to get over crowded. The thing that makes them stand out above the rest is the quality of food. It might be a slight bit more expensive than other places but the food is amazing and people are raving about it.

People who have been to Lamu claim there is something special about Lamu, something that takes you back in time and calms your soul. Go experience this feeling on Lamu Island.

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