Hiking in and around Cape Town

There are multiple ways to enjoy the views and sceneries in and around Cape Town. This is the Mother City where the mountain meets the see and it looks just as amazing it sounds. There are a bunch of hiking trails you can go on to take in all this beauty. Here are a few:
table mountain

Hiking up Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the wonders of the world and looking up at it you can see why. Thousands of tourist flock to the line to get up the cable cart to be on top of this beautiful mountain and experience the stunning Cape Town from above. How about choosing the road less travelled and hiking up? It might seem impossible and it is quite tough but it will all be well worth it. Hiking amongst the fynbos with a stunning view behind you you cannot help but be awe-struck. You will also notice there are a bunch of elderly people and children who also choose to rather hike, so it is perfectly doable.

Lions Head hiking Trail

This hike is a bit more moderate but every bit as spectacular. The views are absolutely stunning and the area surrounding you is gorgeous. Go on a week day if you would like to hike on a less crowded route. This trail does require some climbing but there is a ladder for assistance. An interesting way to do this hike is to go when the moon is full, this is also popular amongst locals. It is also a perfect spot for paragliding if the weather allows it and you are of course a professional.


Signal Hill Hiking Trail

This hiking trail is also a favourite amongst locals and tourist alike. It offers a panoramic view of Cape Town and is the perfect place for a picnic lunch. It is also a stunning place to watch the sun go down.


Experience Cape Town in the best possible way, on your feet amongst the beautiful Mother Nature!

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