HAAS coffeeshop and Koelbaai

Western Cape – Cape Town
To truly experience the beauty of the Cape Town fynbos and beachfront you need to really spend a restful, peaceful day amongst nature. Of course no day can begin without an amazing cup of coffee.


Most of us know about the legendary “Truth” coffees hop. Yes it’s amazing and  yes Cape Town does have a equally amazing and adictively edgy coffee shop.

HAAS is the name of our favourite Cape Town Coffee shop. The interior is wickedly unique with themes such as steampunk industrial, antique and arty being combined. If you are a coffee or art addict this is the place for you.

The walls are covered in local art for sale. By art I mean artistic jewellery, painting, scultures and so much more. The floor is wooden and the ceilings exposed with stunning industrial liting giving the place such a homey warm vibe. The waiters are helpful and friendly. The food is almost just as atistic as the interior. They have amazing tapas and delicious classic breakfasts with a flair. The perfect place to start your morning just before heading to the beach.



Just past gordens bay, hidden away from prying eyes, you will find one of the most beautiful little beaches you have ever seen
It’s a bit of a walk to the beach.
It is beautiful walk though past all the proteas and fynbos along the way. Between the parking and the beach it is about 500 meters.

With the spectacular mountains looking down at you, you can enjoy a lovely day in the sun and sand.

It’s very pet and family friendly so take the kids along. You can also grill something and make a lovely day of it.

The drive there is absolutely spectacular.
Driving along the mountains with proteas to your one side and the ocean to the other.

Anything you need could be found in Gordans baai especially accommodation.

All in all an amazing hidden gem.


Combine these too for an unforgettable Cape-day.

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